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A team of creative beings designed to design. Intentionally. On Purpose. 

hello. hi.

I started Michelle & Cat after freelancing a few years online as a means to reorganize my internet endeavors a little better. We are a small home-based business located in the rolling hills of West Virginia. We are a graphic design “studio” who specializes in online consumer behavior and user experience. 

"I get a lot of inspiration from my shower curtain."

Art on Purpose

I’ve spent entirely too much time on the internet since the internet, with a cat on my lap. I’ve actually had a computer since the early 1980’s when I was too young to do much beyond play Oregon Trail, and I’ve been plugged in the web since the early 90’s back before Yahoo was even a thing. So, I’ve watched the story unfold since the beginning. 

Every step of the way, people are trying to internet in a way that intentionally reaches certain people, that is designed to get them to click the next thing… 

Graphic Design on the internet is more than just laying things out in an easy to read, really pretty way. 

For one, you have the emotional elements that all art and advertisements need to tap into. Today’s culture is more feeling based than yesteryear’s. We don’t often make decisions because it’s practical and logical like our grandfathers often did. We make them because it feels good. And the younger generation really is absorbing all kinds of emotion-based art from role-playing video games to emoji’s. 

For two, you have the internet elements that is only for the internet. It taps into the subconscious zombified state of being on the computer, and figuring out what you might click on autopilot just by using the right colors and placement of things. 

All the things you put up here on the internet can be done on purpose. Every mistake intentional. For example, that last statement is not a complete sentence. I did that. On. Purpose. 

The colors in the Brand Michelle & Cat, for instance, are all gray for two reasons. A, Pantone was trying to make bleached coral to be the color of the year which is a very light blue hinting that white is still going to be predominant in design (minimalism, clean) but probably evolve slightly into grays and various colorful almost-whites. But also B, I wanted the colors in my portfolio to stand out more, and I didn’t want two sets of colors happening at once. 

Of course, some things have no meaning behind it. It’s just because. 

The main thing is there’s a difference between having a website up for your business, and having a website work for your business. There’s a difference between photographs of your products, and delicious photographs of your products that work within the context of their use. 

The secret to this is the User Experience (UX). Tailor fitting your content for a specific target market and reaching that market via targeted advertising and targeted emotional visuals is what everyone is doing now. It’s niche. It’s a Custom Customer. 

Michelle & Cat does more than just make it pretty. We focus here on making it function. We want whoever you are trying to reach to experience YOU on the internet, the fantasy, the story, the roles, the aspiration… and we do this with art and visual strategy. 

If you’re feeling ready to get the ball rolling with your project, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me on purpose. 

Meet the "team"

Michelle Grewe

Founder & Designer

Writer & Artist, Michelle Grewe is an Air Force Veteran and mother. She is published in 6 anthologies and featured on websites such as Mamalode, Popsugar, Blunt Moms, and The Good Men Project. She writes humor and memoir about motherhood, spirituality and mental health. Her writing is inspired by Nicole Knepper and Jenny Lawson, and her illustrations are inspired by tattoos, henna and Zen doodles.

Gabrielle Grewe


Artist & Animator, Gabrielle loves drawing anime characters and creating Gacha Life stories. She’s an avid fan of Kawaii drawings and UWU faces. She plays the flute in Band and is a member of the Air Force ROTC.

Pretty Kitty

President and CEO

Hunter and savage beast, Pretty Kitty (Meowth) is a cat who offers comfort, cuddles and reassurance. He inspires, and he is inspired by wet food, a specific wooden post in particular, and watching toilet paper flush down the toilet. He gets an overglorified salary for sitting and licking himself all day, normal CEO stuff.

Professional Summary

Graphic Artist

Over 20 years experience working and not working in graphic design including printing presses, the local newspaper, and freelance designing for the internet.

Author / Writing

6 years experience as a published writer specializing in featured articles, blog posts, book chapters, SEO and content marketing.


Over 20 years collective marketing experience online and offline including advertising, branding, promotional events, collaborations, and shoe-string methods.

Warning! This site is weird and profanity laced.

Since this is almost like a job interview, I'm going to pretend it is one...

A job that lets me …

  • Create Things. 
  • Help People. 
  • Have my own Ideas. 

I’m an Air Force Veteran. A mom of 3 girls. And I will run errands for bacon. 

I wanted to join the military, really, because I wanted to get some discipline and focus. I also found my self-esteem there too, it was buried in the sand on the other end of the obstacle course. Weird place to put that. I chose the Air Force because an Army Med Evac pilot friend of mine explained to me that they were more equipped for females than any other branch, plus they get more funding for Space Command, meaning better facilities, better food, and better housing. In addition, their training is more career oriented. The Air Force is just so much more than killing people with weapons of mass destruction from a swivel seat in an air conditioned environment. 

I have a mechanical mind. I tend to look at everything like it’s a machine. Just follow me here for a second with this…

It’s truly a unique perspective. 

But let’s say I design an advertisement for you. Instead of just thinking about the creative elements, such as color and typography, I’m also going to be looking at what role that advertisement plays in the grand scheme of things. Like I see it as a gear, and I want to make sure that the gear moves the right direction, is the right size, and helps contribute to the function of the overall machine. So for your advertisement, I’m going to be thinking about your target market, what you are trying to accomplish or sell, what you already have in place for that, and the role my little picture is going to play in making that happen. 

Well. There’s this gutter down the road that has some potential. It just needs some flowers (my solution for everything). 

This is similar to one of those Google interview questions that wants to know your thought process.

30 Days. But that has to be a trick question. 

Basically, at first glance, I read that he goes up a foot a day. It’s too easy. It has to be a trick. 

But to describe how my brain works, I generally visualize things like Algebra.

You want me to find how many days… So that’s x. And a day consists of both a day and a night because a day is a 24 hour period, and on earth, that includes day time and night time. We don’t have a 24 hour daylight period unless you’re a bearded dragon whose owner forgot to turn off the sun lamp. 

So day is x. 

x = total distance / distance per day. 

Total distance is 30 feet. 

Distance per day is 3 feet up, minus two feet back which equals 1 foot. 

x = 30 feet / 1 foot 

x = 30 feet. 

Now if the question means days, not a 24 hour period, but days = days without nights involved, then 30 / 3 which is then 10 but see that isn’t applicable to any real world situation beyond a teenager trying to come up with a riddle to outsmart some adult. 

But the answer is purple. There was a meme about this for people who hate math. I don’t hate math. But I’m ok with the answer being purple if it makes someone else feel less anxiety.